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2023 State Show Registration for EAHA Members

First Registration - July 22nd @ Tri County Horse show - 1:00 - 5:00pm

Final Registration - July 29th @ ACHRC Horse Show - 1:00 - 5:00pm


To be turned in at one of the above scheduled registrations (No staples please):


     1)  Registration and Consent Form (one for each horse/rider combination)  

          NOTE:  For a group tack stall, only one member of the group should include the stall order and payment on their registration..

     2)  A copy of current coggins turned in with each registration form (coggins good through Sept 4, 2023)

     3)  Registration Summary Form (one per family - checks made out to:  EAHA)

     4)  Stall Information Sheet (1 for each horse & tack stall. Complete all information except Barn and Stall.)


IMPORTANT TO READ and print for your own reference and use:

     EAHA Shows Report (check your number of shows qualification status - need 6 shows before State)

      Ground & Garrett Coliseum Rules & Information

      State Show Rules, Class Schedule, Stalls, and other info
      Golf Cart/Gator/Mule Permit Application (turn in at the Crawford Arena office)
      Class Scratch Form (Judged events turned in at Garrett Coliseum; Timed events turned in at Crawford Arena office)
      Run-Out-Of Turn Form (Turn in at Crawford Arena office.) 

      Practice Schedule

      Key Events Schedule





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